Bad Weather. Kristin Maldonado

The video begins with a surrealistic hum as Maldonado seems to float in dark clouds, while dangling from a swing. The weather is dramatic and adds an element of beauty. Her voice is haunting.

Bad Weather. Kristin Maldonado
Personally, we have asked for more rap and we did get a good taste of that. It slightly crescendos into more drama.

Kirstin Maldonado via popcrush.

Bad Weather is an outstanding marriage of electronica and incredible vocals.

We love the photography too.

There is something about the video that we did not totally get. It's the parts where hateful words and comments were flashed in amongst the scenery. We watched the follow-up video, which explains that the song is about weathering the unkindesses that we hurl at one another, here in cyperspace. But, we just felt that these comments were not applicable. You now, surrealism isn't always obvious.

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