Are You Cut Out For a Caring Career Change?

Life has a funny way of just happening to you, carrying you along on its currents before you know where you are. Sometimes it takes a particular incident, sometimes traveling gives you a different perspective, or sometimes you just wake up and realize - the job that you’re doing just isn’t fulfilling you anymore.

Are You Cut Out For a Caring Career Change?
Do you really need a career change, or are you just in need of a vacation? Making a major life decision like changing professions later on in life can seem harder when the pressures of family and running a household are added in.

Here’s how to make sure you’re making a change for the right reasons:

Check your core values

Knowing whether to swap careers and retrain often comes down to whether what you’re currently doing aligns with your own core values. What means the most to you in life? What kind of a legacy do you want to leave? If money was no object, what would you really be doing with your life? Set aside some time to examine your moral compass as this can often lead to professions such as teaching or become a health professional.

Know what you can offer

Your offer to the world is made up of a mixture of your skills, personality and experiences and often the combination of those can point you down a very specific path. Switching careers later in life can lead to some tough justifications to make - to friends and family but also to future employers. And knowing exactly what your offer is can really help to clarify why the move is the right thing to do.

The bigger picture

It’s one thing feeling compelled into a caring profession, but actually moving into it as a line of work is not for everyone. You need to consider the broader picture such as work life balance, family commitments and earning potential. If these don’t align fully with your ambitions it may be better to look into volunteering some of your free time to do what you love rather than making a permanent career change.

Adjust your expectations

It’s one thing to dream of doing what you truly enjoy and another to make it a viable job. Part of this is being realistic with your expectations. Research specific companies in the market you’re hoping to get into. How would you pitch yourself? Are you prepared to move or travel to do what you want? Learn about the industry and the key players. What factors out there will affect them over the next few years? Later life career changes usually demand a more considered decision process.

Will it really make me happier?

If everything else stacks up, are you able to gain some real experience to make sure that moving jobs will truly make you happy? Consider looking for voluntary work in a similar environment or seeking out a mentor in the industry who can give you the inside track. You could even go part time in your current job while seeking a work placement in the new professions. This is the only way to make sure you’re truly passionate enough to make the switch- dipping a toe in the water minimizes the risk that you actually won’t like your new job as far as possible.

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