Vifa Announces Newest and Smallest Loudspeaker

As of the first of this month, Vifa has introduced their newest and smallest member of their loud speaker family. It's called the Reykjavik and it's a pebble-shaped device with a leather holding/carrying lanyard which boasts a 360-degree sound experience, due to its shape.

Vifa Announces Newest and Smallest LoudspeakerWe wanted to complete our range of portable loudspeakers, which already includes Helsinki and Oslo...
Michael Sørensen, CEO at Vifa

The speaker is available in the woolen fabric which covers other Vifa items. It is also available in a beautiful aluminum which has been anodized.

This item is Vifa's fifth loudspeaker of a wireless variety, in a three-year period.

The Reykjavik retails for $229.00 U.S. and includes sales tax. Feel uninhibited to scan the company website, as listed below, for further interest. Or, just to look around.

About Vifa:

Vifa Announces Newest and Smallest LoudspeakerThose have been our core values ever since N.C. Madsen decided to replace a career in auto-mechanics by his true zeal: Loud-speaker technology. He did so decades ago; back in a small, Danish countryside village in 1933.

In 2012 Vifa therefore introduced a unique new product range of wireless and portable loudspeakers. All based on the very proud heritage and technical expertise of the Vifa sound-engineers. That’s how we carry on with our founder’s commitment: A continuous strive for authentic sound.

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