Upgrade Your Health Game This Season

Ah, September, when the shops are full of new stationeries, school clothes, and sturdy school bags. Whether you have kids who are going back to school, or you’re simply going back to work, it’s difficult not to feel transported by the feeling of renewal that blows over the society. September is the new January, and now is the very best time to take brand new resolutions for the rest of the year and the years to come. What would it be? A career change? A new hairstyle? Learning a new skill? While all these goals sound great, there’s one thing that you need first to embrace a new resolution, and it’s looking after your health. Maximize the back-to-school feeling of self-improvement to boost your health game this season.
Upgrade Your Health Game This Season
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Are you eating all your greens?

Your health begins on your plate. What you eat, and especially the vitamins you consume through your diet, are essential to keep your body strong and healthy. Vitamin A, for instance, is essential to fight disease and infections and can be found in dairy products, fish, and eggs. People who don’t consume enough of these struggle when the first winter colds arrive. Vitamin B helps your nervous system and comes in fruits and vegs, grains and beans. Vitamin D helps your body to assimilate calcium and fortify your bones. You find it in dairy products, meaty fish, egg yolks, and liver.

Smile with no shame Your teeth are part of your everyday communication. When you smile, you expose your teeth. But they also impact on your diet – if you’ve got bad teeth, you’ll avoid food that needs chewing – and your appearance. So, if you haven’t yet made a yearly appointment with your family dentist, it’s time to start a new habit and get a regular checkup. Healthy teeth can reduce headaches and toothaches, communication issues, and dieting problems.

No more headache at the screen

Most people work all day in front of a computer screen. But a significant percentage of office workers suffer from headaches that are wrongly attributed to the screen light. In reality, 11 million Americans aged 12 or older require eyesight correction. Without the necessary lens correction, your eyes get strained and can cause serious headaches. More importantly, when common eye diseases are left untreated, such as glaucoma, for example, the risk of vision loss is extremely high. Don’t take chances with your eyes and introduce a yearly checkup in your health routine.

Breaking the sedentary lifestyle

Did you know that less than a third of Americans exercise regularly? Our sedentary lifestyle is heavily linked to health issues, such as diabetes and heart diseases. Indeed, lack of physical activities, combined with poor diet, could rapidly become the number One cause of death in the country. As a rule of the thumb, you should exercise at least 30 minutes a day – or one hour every other day – to help your body maintain its functions. Don’t try to motivate yourself with the idea of dropping a dress size. While this is likely to happen if you stick to a fitness regime, your main motivation for exercising should be to maintain your health.

All eyes on your health this September with a full-on body check. From your diet to your physical activity, it’s important to take the right actions for your body. A healthy body is a body that can age better and for longer! So, the ball is your court; take it and get a high score for your health!

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