Stop Letting Allergies Ruin Your Life By Following These Simple Steps

There are a lot of us out there that suffer from various different allergies. For some, their allergies are quite obvious and clear; they’re allergic to a certain type of food, so they know to avoid it at all costs. These allergies are the most severe ones and can result in really bad consequences for your health. However, there’s not a lot you can do other than avoid the food you’re allergic to and carry an EpiPen with you just in case.

Having said that, there are plenty of people with allergies to other things that surround us every day. Airborne allergies might not be as serious as food ones, but they’re arguably more frustrating and can disrupt your daily life. These allergies refer to things in the air that we breathe in and become allergic too. The most obvious examples are pollen (hay fever), dust, or pet hair.

Stop Letting Allergies Ruin Your Life By Following These Simple Steps
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When we’re allergic to these things, we don’t get the same extreme response you would from a food allergy. Instead, your nose can get really stuffed up and swollen inside, your eyes start to itch, you may develop a rash on your body, and you can feel like you’ve got a constant head cold. That’s right, imagine how bad it feels to have a cold for a week during winter, now picture that feeling almost all year round! This is what it’s like when you have certain airborne allergies, and it can really ruin your life.

Every day becomes a battle between you and your nose as you desperately try to unblock it. Thankfully, there are a few simple steps you can follow to stop these allergies from ruining your life. They’re not hard, they won’t ‘cure’ your allergy, but they will calm your symptoms quite dramatically.

Take Allergy Medication

The first thing you should do is get some allergy medication. There are two main types you can get here; antihistamine tablets and steroid nasal sprays. The tablets help counteract the allergens while the spray works on clearing up your nose. You can get these from almost any shop that sells medicine. However, you’re better off seeing a doctor and getting the medication prescribed as you will likely use it a lot and they can get you the strongest stuff out there. You could even order your prescription online and see if your pharmacy delivers for free, like this local pharmacy, to save you time and effort if you live far away. Your doctor will tell you how to take both forms of medication for the best results. Make sure you follow their instructions, so you see the positive effects as quickly as possible.

Purify The Air

We spend a lot of time in our own bedrooms, particularly if you’re a student living in uni. As such, the air in our room can become full of dust particles and other airborne allergens we might bring in. Fear not, as there’s a good solution to this problem; buy an air purifier. You can get a small little purifier that sits on a desk and works to clean the air for you. It will make the room more breathable, and you’ll see great results when you go to bed and don’t wake up with a blocked nose for once!

Clean Your Room

Stop Letting Allergies Ruin Your Life By Following These Simple Steps
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Once again, us students are a bit guilty of not cleaning our rooms when we’re away. As a result, there can be a fair few layers of dust lingering around at all times. It makes sense to give your room a good clean and wipe the dust off all surfaces at least once a week if you suffer from allergies. This works in conjunction with the air purifier to really get rid of the causes of your allergies. A cleaner room means cleaner air for you to breathe in all the time.

It’s not rocket science, it’s simply a case of ensuring you get the right medicine, taking it regularly, and keeping your room nice and clean. This will help you stop suffering from allergies every day. Your nose will no longer be permanently blocked and dry, you’ll stop breaking out in rashes, and you’ll feel a lot better.

The crazy thing is, so many people are suffering from allergies without even realizing it! I know friends and family members that thought they kept getting ill with the cold when they actually had allergies all along. So, if you’re always suffering from a blocked nose, itchy eyes, and feel like you’ve got a constant head cold, see a doctor and ask them if it’s allergies.

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