Muscle Freeze Pain Relief

I've had a certain friend in mind for testing this product. I mean, I tested it too. As soon as you smell the viscousy liquid, you are treated to a healthy dose of menthol. I like that smell.

Muscle Freeze Pain ReliefMuscle Freeze Pain ReliefSo, I took the product to her last night. She takes a chemo drug for her debilitating arthritis, has had multiple surgeries, the most recent has a jacked up shoulder and arm, has a somewhat wobbly gait and is usually always in pain.

She shook the bottle, pumped the applicator and rubbed it in to her elbow. It only took a few seconds for me to see the relief in her face. Excited, she then went to her knees.

"Aaahhh," she explains.

Then, she left the room so that she could apply the serum to her hip. She loves it. She kept it.

Certainly, I too can benefit from this product. However, my friend is a little older than I am and always sleepy because of pain medicine. It would have been unkind to try to get it back from her.

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