iXCC 50W/10A 5 Port Car Charger, Cup Holder

I've purchased other iXCC products before and so far, they deliver.

iXCC 50W/10A 5 Port Car Charger, Cup Holder
This is a unique product that fits perfectly into your cup holder and will charge several items with one go. What I like about that is the fact that I can charge my phone, Mother's phone, my sister's phone and my niece's phone and tablet, all at the same time with no whining. At least, that's my rule. Well that, and STOP YELLING AT THE DOG! If you cannot control yourself, then, you are in the absolute wrong vehicle for travel.

Yeah. It occupies the space of a drink holder. All that means is that the warm soda that you previously had sitting in there is moved elsewhere and NOT thrown out the window. Not a big deal.

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