Essential Skin Care Habits For The Whole Body

Looking after your skin is essential for good health. After all, your skin covers your entire body. It must protect you from environmental pollution. It must flex and stretch. And it must be healthy in itself to avoid dryness, itching, or breakouts. Each part of your body needs different approaches to good skin care. Here are the best bits of you in alphabetical order:


This is the one part of our body that is always exposed. Before you develop your best approach to skin care here, it might be a good idea to prime the skin first. Remove the dead or damaged skin cells with exfoliation. For a thorough approach, you might look at options like microdermabrasion. Famous treatment specialists like Dr. David Halpern offer this and more to reveal healthy new skin. Now you’re ready to introduce a twice-daily cleanse and tone routine. Continue with gentle exfoliation at weekends. Try to sweat or steam once a week too so that the skin toxins can be released.

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Feet go through a lot every day. No wonder the skin here is so prone to drying out! Showers can make things worse, so try to soak your feet each week. You can use a foot spa with bubbles for extra relaxation too. Foot balm is thicker than moisturizers we might use on the rest of our body. Work it in with fingertips three or four times a week. Socks can help prevent extra drying while you’re out and about.


The skin on your hips might not often see the light of day, but it’s worth investing in a good skin routine for them. Cellulite is a common problem, and it’s one that can’t really be cured. Some say a diet rich in salmon can reduce the risk of cellulite building up around the hips. Regular exfoliation or circulation-boosting body brushes can help improve the appearance of skin here. Use a body butter massaged in with circular motions to help keep this skin supple and healthy.


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Legs can dry out. After all, they are exposed to the sun, the wind, and even the rain. As well as a light moisturizer applied twice a day, you can exfoliate this skin. It will help keep the surface smooth for shaving, and reduce the risk of ingrown hairs when you epilate. If you wax, make sure to use an appropriate after-treatment to reduce inflammation and drying. Moisturizers with a hint of self-tan can be a better alternative to the tanning bed here.


Women’s tummy areas go through a lot of changes over the years. Pregnancy is the biggest threat to your skin here. Use a special bump moisturizer that is designed to improve the elasticity of the skin. It is thought this can help reduce stretch marks. Even that monthly bloating we all hate can stretch the skin a lot. Get in the habit of spending a little extra time massaging and moisturizing the area around the tummy button and your sides above the hips. How do you take care of your body’s skin?

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