DirtyBird Energy

DirtyBird Energy is a company which was founded by hard-working family men in the San Francisco Bay area who are waking up on a daily basis and their target market is clearly aimed for young men. However, our stance is and will always be that products of this sort are usually more economical, tougher and last longer. Hence, we like it.

And why not? They are attractively packaged, lather up and clean well. They are also aromatherapeutic. We like that.
DirtyBird Energy

(Current DirtyBird Club Box):

  • (2) DirtyBird Energy 
  • (2) DirtyBird Energy: Recover 
  • (2) DirtyBird Energy: Relax

DirtyBird EnergyDirtyBird Energy soaps are infused with caffeine (excepting the Recovery/Relax soap) to wake you up and refresh. Natural oils (Palm, Coconut and Peppermint) are also used. They smell great and won't make you shake. We doled out the bars to our reviewers and even some dudes and everyone loved them. Seriously. One guy requested a second bar. Pshhh....MAY-BE. We like them too!

The soap containers are pretty neat too. They snap shut for easy travel. If you leave them sitting on your counter, you won't have to face up to the otherwise harsh reality that is soap scum. Ack!

DirtyBird Energy

This is an exfoliator. It moisturizes the skin. The aroma is predominantly Peppermint.

DirtyBird Energy: Recover

Recover soothes an overworked body. This exfoliant will give you what you need to do all that you physically do. It is infused with arnica, eucalyptus and rosemary extracts. Helps you to heal quicker. It smells primarily of eucalyptus.

DirtyBird Energy: Relax

Relax is what you want for your downtime. Moisturizes and calms with Lavender, Chamomile and Ylang Ylang. It will leave you smelling lovely, like a man.

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