All The Things Professional Makeup Case

This has to be the mother of all makeup cases! It folds out into three (total) levels of storage. The bottom portion is bigger than the top two trays. What you may not be able to tell from the attached images is that each of the two trays, along with the bottom portion allow for further organization because the interior walls lift up. The sides have grooves to fit those pick-up walls.
All The Things Professional Makeup Case


(1) Heavy Duty Makeup Case

The case comes with a carrying strap and two keys. Hmmph! That will stop those marauding makeup thieves, unless they were to take the whole case. Then, well, you know, that would just not be right to do.

All The Things Professional Makeup CaseThe box is textured. It looks like a serious carrier! I like it though. I cannot even begin to wonder what else it could be used for; a small toys collection, medicines, etc.

This product is also somewhat heavy, just because of its substance.

Really, this would be great for a makeup artist.
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