Skincare Hacks For Saying Goodbye To Blemishes For Good

Blemishes, are they the bane of your life? If the answer is yes, you are not alone. At one point or another, blemishes will impact almost every gal’s skin. Often the cause is hormones; sometimes it’s too much of the sweet stuff, other times it’s down to a problem with your skin’s PH balance. The fact is, blemishes crop up for all manner of reasons. While you may not always know the reason why your skin is acting up, there are some simple steps that you can take to limit the damage and get your skin looking good again. Here’s how you can make blemishes (and breakouts) a thing of the past:

Go natural

Skincare Hacks For Saying Goodbye To Blemishes For Good
Natural skincare and beauty products may cost more, but did you know that the chemicals in many non-natural products can be hugely damaging to your skin? Often, the culprit of blemishes that aren’t linked to hormones or diet is the products you are using on your face because these products are too harsh. To prevent blemishes from occurring, swap to using natural products - your skin will thank you for it. The best natural skincare and beauty brands include Lush, Say Yes To Carrots, Organic and Botanic, and Puriskin.

Steam your face

If you have ever been to a sauna, then the chances are you’ve experienced the amazing skin that comes after half an hour or so surrounded by steam. The steam opens your pores and cleanses them, reducing the visibility of blackheads, while helping to prevent breakouts. You may not be able to go to a sauna every day, but you can use an at-home steamer, like the ones on, for example. Just a few minutes sat in front of a skin steamer, can make a big difference to the health of your skin.

Cleanse, cleanse, cleanse

How often do you cleanse your skin? The answer should be twice a day. To remove dirt, oil and general grime that has built up on your skin over time, cleansing each morning and evening is vital. Before you cleanse your skin, place a flannel that has been soaked in hot water over your face, this will open up your pores and make cleansing more effective. Once you’ve finished your cleansing routine, make sure to close your pores with a splash of cold water.

Exfoliate (gently)

A lot of people make the mistake of exfoliating their skin too often and scrubbing too hard. As a rule of thumb, your skin only needs exfoliating once or twice a week, and no more than that. This will remove dead and dry skin cells, helping to prevent clogged pores and breakouts. Use an exfoliating scrub that is natural and gentle. Don’t over scrub, simply move the product around your face with soft, circular movements.

Steer clear of oil-based products

Oil-based products can cause the skin to become too oily, clogging the pores and causing blackheads or acne to appear. To reduce your chance of these, always opt to use oil-free products, from cleanser and toner to face cream. To learn more about reasons to avoid oil-based products, use resources like

Want to say goodbye to blemishes for good? Then take note of the skincare hacks above and implement them in your skincare routine.

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