Ouches and Aches: Weird Causes Of Your Pain

About 1.5 billion people around the world suffer from some form of chronic pain. That’s over one seventh of the world population! We’ve talked about pain before, specifically neck pain and explored how to fix it. But rather than fixing the issue, perhaps we should first tackle the causes of your problems. After that you should find curing it, or at least treating it a lot easier.

Ouches and Aches: Weird Causes Of Your Pain
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Yes, it’s true stress can manifest itself in a physical form of pain somewhere in the body. In fact, some researchers believe that stress is the true cause of fibromyalgia. Now, whether that’s true or not is debatable as many others still maintain that fibromyalgia has an underlying physical cause that we just haven’t discovered yet. The bottom line is that stress can cause pain. So, you might be having trouble at work. It’s possible that the stress will cause pain in your arms that you will mistake for RSI. it’s not actually RSI, it’s your body dealing with pressure on your mind. To get rid of the main, you just need to cool down and relax. It’s amazing how helpful therapy can be for those who suffer from chronic pain.

A key misunderstanding here is thinking that this means the pain is all in someone’s mind. While the pain can be psychological that doesn’t mean that it isn’t real. The nerve receptors are still causing that individual to feel intense pain, even if there is no actual physical cause.

Having Trouble Sleeping?

Do you ever wake up in the morning and find that your back, legs, arms or neck hurts? Usually, we associate this with sleeping funny and that’s probably right on the money. But there is something we can do about that. If you’re sleeping funny your body will be trying to get comfortable on a mattress that might not be providing the best support. What you should do is try an air mattress. Air mattresses aren’t just for camping. According to shops like ChooseMattress they can be used as permanent beds and there are certainly advantages to this. You can change the pressure and the firmness of the mattress, ensuring that the weight is distributed evenly. This can be brilliant for people dealing with back pain.


These days, we’re all pressured to work out, stay fit and exercise as much as possible. But exercising too much can certainly lead to chronic pain and an example of this could be running. When you run, you are putting immense pressure on your bones and joints. As your feet hits the ground, your bones hit together. It is suspected that this could lead to issues like arthritis in later life. That’s why if you do exercise, you may want to avoid the more intensive workouts and instead take it easy. That way, you should be able to avoid developing severe levels of chronic pain.

We hope you see now that there are various weird causes of chronic pain in the body. But if you understand the causes you might just uncover the solutions.

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