National Rum Day: Recommendations

Rum is a byproduct of molasses production. It is the third most popular spirit in the United States today. It originated in Papua New Guinea and is accompanied beautifully with coconut.

Papas Pilar

Papas Pilar is a Hemingway Rum Company brand. Hemingway is located in Florida and is a member of the Distilled Spirits Council of the U.S. Their rums are award-winning spirits which are selected by hand from ports-of-call in the Caribbean, Central America and Florida. Their most recent announcement is the newly opened Key West Distillery & Experience Center.


    National Rum Day: Recommendations
  • (1) Wooden Shipping Box 
  • (1) 100ml Blonde Rum 7 (84 Proof) 
  • (1) 100ml Dark Rum 24 (86 Proof)


The Hemingway

1.5oz Papa's Pilar Blonde Rum
.75oz fresh lime juice
.5oz fresh grapefruit juice
1tsp maraschino liqueur
1tsp sugar (Papa went without)

Shake well with ice and strain into a chilled cocktail glass. Garnish with grapefruit.

Wilderness Trail Distillery

Harvest Rum has the distinction of being the only 100% Kentucky Rum. This award-winning spirit is classified as a US Gold Rum and is slightly aged for two+ years in used Kentucky Bourbon barrels. This is why it has a sweet finish.

The nose is slightly sweet and a little spicy. It is easily sipped neat. It's also exceedingly smooth.


(1) 375ml Harvest Rum (90 Proof)
(1) Small Wilderness Trail Pin/Button


Summer Harvest

1 Part Harvest Rum
1 Part Frozen Concentrated Lemonade
1 Part Pulp Free Orange Juice
2 Parts Spring Water

Mix in 2 parts Spring water, 1 part each of remaining ingredients using lemonade container as measuring cup. For a frozen drink, substitute ice for the water and throw it in the blender.

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