Kirstin Maldonado, L O V E - EP

Even when this multi-Grammy-winner is drifting quietly by, there's a power in her voice and her message. She is so much more than physical beauty. She's also about lyricology and no, we did not make up that term. Look it up for yourself, don't just sit there in a state of unknowingness.

Kirstin Maldonado, L O V E - EPBefore we actually set some time aside for L O V E - EP, we thought that we knew what we could expect. We are soooo smart, after all. We knew that Maldonado would slide between octaves with the greatest of ease. We knew that whatever message she had, it would be one that all would want to hear. We knew.

What we did not know was that Kirstin Maldonado would not lean on her previous successes. She would not employ some a cappella riffs to please the masses. No. She has grown. She is evolving as a vocal artist. We also suspect that she's an incredible actress. Will we get that chance to see that? We are betting in the affirmative.

1. Break a Little

Bass-rich and background perfect, this is mesmerizing. The words are painful. However, it's a pain that most of us have become desensitized to. Even Maldonado herself eventually just pulls away as he leaves and she dances in the rain! It's such a positive message.

Remixes were inevitable. We just didn't know that they would exist so quickly. The Lash Remix is one to listen to as you cruise through the streets on a warm August night with the top down.

The Madison Mars Remix is warm, yet invigorating.

What we have not experienced yet is the hard-core dance mix. But, it is coming. Trust us.

2. All Night

Read this slowly and hear us tomorrow. There will be a teen flick that will clamor to use this. Maldonado shows her a cappella chops when she begins from a slinky, echo whisper and ascends to a short, fast crescendo with the ease of a well-seasoned pro.

3. Something Real

This would totally be our new and favored shower song, if it weren't so high. Man. Love her range. The juxtaposition of her superior soprano range with the power bass is truly a substantive work of art.

4. See It

Ugh. Painful. Don't talk. Just listen.

5. Naked

Naked is your stormy-night-outside-tender-time audio file. It is sweet. Really sweet.

6. Bad Weather

She raps. We want more of that. Seriously.

What's really amazing about this collection of hits? It was only when the silence came that we realized that we had been on an audio vacation. Weird.

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