HOMEE Safe Paper Edging Scissors for Kids 6PK


I've always wondered how a pair of scissors could be deemed, "Child Safe," yet, work! Well, now I know, the sharp edges are located within the pair of scissors. And, they are awesome! They are somewhat hidden from sensitive fingers and hands. That does not mean that I wouldn't give these to a child without hawking them every few seconds. But, they are excellent for craft projects. Just think of the possibilities. In fact, when I showed the set to one our reviewers, she got excited and asked what I was going to do with them. Well, they're adorable. But, I'm not really a craft person. She quickly absconded with them, after having shared half of them with the daughter of another reviewer.

Have you ever wanted to make/create (with your own hands) your very own, personalized Christmas, Congratulations or birthday cards? Party invitations? What about scrapbooking projects? Fashion citations for the ill-dressed amongst us? Photo albums...

I also like the fact that the scissors are marked, as to the patterns that they cut. You don't have to cull a drawer full of thread spools, pens that are no longer functioning or 20-year-old receipts. Just look for the pattern that you want to cut.

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