Exercises to Consider When Pregnant

Whether you are currently pregnant or considering getting pregnant, your lifestyle may be a cause for concern. There are things that naturally you will want to phase out such as drinking alcohol or other vices you may have. You may want to improve your vegetable intake and avoid some of the things you shouldn’t be eating within your diet. But exercise is one of those things that many pregnant ladies place a huge question mark over. You may be massively into your fitness right now, or simply want to stay in good shape during your pregnancy, but there are exercises you can safely do during the three trimesters of pregnancy, that can offer benefits to your lifestyle as well as how you are feeling. Here are some of the ones to consider.

Exercises to Consider When Pregnant
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Yoga is an exercise activity that places more focus on the mental and physical well-being side of things, so actually it’s a great form of exercise for when you're pregnant. Especially if your emotions and thoughts can get the better of you. You can even get maternity yoga clothes which is an added bonus. Yoga uses a series of body positions and breathing exercises to help improve your postures and flexibility. The relaxation element can be specifically useful, and you find that there are pregnancy specific classes to attend, focusing on body positions with your pregnant bump in mind.


Taking exercise in water is a great way to support your bump and the added benefit is that you are doing a strenuous exercise without any strain on your back. Swimming is a great cardio exercise that can offer a workout for all the muscles in your body. It increases your heart rate but doesn’t put any added stress on your joints or ligaments.

Walking and Being Active

Walking is a great point of exercise to start of, specifically if you haven’t done much exercise prior to getting pregnant. It is a great starting platform to keep a steady level of fitness throughout your whole pregnancy. It’s free and you can simply start doing it the moment you step out of your front door.


The aim of Pilates as an exercise is to work on improving your balance, your strength, flexibility, and your posture. It could be a great way to aid your body in coping with the added extra weight of your growing baby, as well as helping to prepare you for childbirth.


Finally, cycling offers a great low-impact exercise that can increase your heart rate without adding any other stress to your body. However, as your bump grows it may get a little more harder to do. If cycling is something you have done regularly in the past, then it is safe to carry on and use cycling as a great form of keeping fit during your pregnancy.

I hope some of these options incentivize you to keep fit during your pregnancy.

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