Brushing Up Your Hair-Care Routine

In trying to keep our hair looking good, many of us may actually be having the adverse effect. This is because many common hair-care methods can do damage in the long run. By brushing up on your hair treatment methods, you could end up having healthier locks for longer. Here are just a few tips for maintain a healthy mane of hair.

Brushing Up Your Hair-Care Routine
Hair Woman via Pixabay

Don’t over wash your hair

Unless you have a very oily scalp or thin hair, you could be doing damage by washing every day. This is because washing our hair gets rids of not just dirt and grease but an important oil called sebum which helps stop our hair from drying out. By washing every day, you could be making your hair more dry and brittle. Try washing every other day or even leaving a few days if you don’t think your hair is likely to get dirty.

Perk up your hair with protein

Proteins such as keratin are important for keeping our hair shiny and durable. There are plenty of products containing these proteins which can be learned about on sites such as beautyambition. Some people have even taken to natural method such as washing their hair with egg yolk. You can also help your hair by eating foods with amino acids in that help to build keratin in our bodies. These include eggs, meats, onions, kale and asparagus.

Let your hair dry naturally sometimes

The healthiest way to let hair dry is to let it dry naturally in the air. Heat from blow-drying your hair can cause damage to the follicles, whilst rubbing with a towel can be damaging to the roots. Washing your hair in the evening and letting it dry overnight may be the most convenient way of doing this. If you really need to dry your hair quickly, then there are ways that you can minimize damage from a hairdryer as detailed at Schwarzkopf. With a towel meanwhile, you can minimize damage by dabbing rather than rubbing.

Comb wet, brush dry

You should always comb your hair when wet and brush when dry. Combing dry hair may result in more knots and tugging which could damage your hair and cause split ends. Comb and brush upwards to reduce tugging. Remember to clean your comb and brush – these implements can become breeding grounds for bacteria, which you’ll then be putting back into your hair.

Don’t dye your hair to death

Hair dyes are full of chemicals. These won’t have any lasting damage if you use them irregularly. However, for those that keep topping up their hair with dye, they could be doing permanent damage to their hair, perhaps even causing hair loss in the long run. Overuse of hair dye has also been linked to other more serious ailments such as allergy development, infertility and even cancer. Don’t dye your hair every week. Similarly always look at packaging to determine how long they recommend leaving hair dye in and don’t extend this period. The likes of SimplyNatural have lots of organic dyes to choose from that could be a safer option.

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