7 Charming Sisters Giveaway

7 Charming Sisters is a group of like-minded individual's in that they foster the concepts of fun, beauty and individuality. In fact, what they have created is 7 lines of jewelry, each with a specific taste in mind.
7 Charming Sisters Giveaway
Clearly, price and quality seem equally as important to this impressive group of ladies!

Oh, and did we mention that this wonderful group is actually giving away one of those products in the paragraph just below this one? Yeah, they are! YOU could win them. You simply must try.

(1) Amazing Accolades Earrings SRP $27.00 - WE ARE GIVING THESE AWAY!
(1) I'll Always Be There for You Ring Dish SRP $12.00
(1) Roll It Up Jewelry Organizer - Black SRP $22.00

7 Charming Sisters Giveaway7 Charming Sisters Giveaway Amazing Accolades Earrings

In person, these are just stunning. If you're looking to get spritzied up and hit the town, here you go. They're a little bigger than we thought. But, They are versatile.

I'll Always Be There for You Ring Dish

The simplicity of this item is alluring. What is it about an umbrella that just fascinates us? We do not know.

7 Charming Sisters Giveaway Roll It Up Jewelry Organizer - Black

We have never owned one of these and wondered what they were all about. Now that we hold this one in our hands, we really like it. It too, is just simplicity at its best. There are four zippered compartments, a snap-on handle and two tie ribbons.

The zippers move easily. There are no dangling threads or bits of string. This product has been well-manufactured.

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