L'Oréal Triple Power for the #RevitaliftChallenge: 14-Days

L'Oréal Triple Power for the #RevitaliftChallenge: 14-Days
We received this item for free from influenster for the purposes of testing. The contest or #RevitaliftChallenge is to apply the product for 14-days following a morning and an evening cleansing and application of product. Also, it is necessary to use a SPF during this time. Well, that's the crux of the situation in its most simplistic terms.

We were expecting greatness as we've used L'Oréal in the past and that is exactly what we have gotten. We gave the product to Belle, a seventy-year-old woman who is the perfect reviewer for the job. She loves the product and has seen a gradual increase in better (more even) skin tone and the downplay of wrinkles.
L'Oréal Triple Power for the #RevitaliftChallenge: 14-Days

Belle adds that the product feels invigorating on her skin. She also adds that there are some (similar) products that she has used in the past for which she has had to push the product around (on her face) and it seemed to have taken forever for them to sink into her skin. She noted that this did not happen in this case.

The attached images simply do not show what they are supposed to. We shot them with our iPhone which, is normally a good camera. However, Belle and I know what happened. We were there.


 (1) VoxBox containing a 1.7 Oz container of L'Oréal Triple Power
L'Oréal Triple Power for the #RevitaliftChallenge: 14-Days

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