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Inova Professional is a company founded by two New York City salon owners and senior hair stylists who specialize in unruly, curly, frizzy hair. With over 40 years of combined experience, Daniel Babishov and Simon Aminov needed solutions for what they were seeing as they worked.

Inova ProfessionalTheir goal was to develop a solution for unmanageable hair, as well as a cohesive hair-care system for clients to prolong it's long-lasting results.

Inova ProfessionalReceived:

  • (1) Color Deposit Shampoo Red SRP $28.00 
  • (1) Color Deposit Conditioner Red SRP $29.00

Color Deposit Shampoo Red

The shampoo was designed and created to deposit red hues, as it cleanses in a healthy manner. There are two of us who sport red hair and we were both excited to see that it was red! It doesn't have an aroma that we can pick up and we're pretty sensitive. This works well, as we have other hair products with their own wonderful scents.

Inova Professional
Inova Professional
The photo of the red glob in our palm is the shampoo. We washed it away with an antimicrobial, alcohol-based cleansing wipe and it left the residue in the faded palm. This did not happen in the shower though. The red rinses clean and there is no residual palm, neck or facial coloring. Still, we am careful about using this product, as we are our hair coloring products. We are seriously in need of a hair coloring. However, we set that aside to test the shampoo and what we discovered was that the shampoo did make our gray area, less gray area. The ends of our tresses (where there was red) was definitely given a fresh up!

Color Deposit Conditioner

Inova ProfessionalThe conditioner is red as well and has a very slight aroma. It was designed to keep red hair red as it untangles and fights the frizzies!

Frizzies suck!

This product also leaves your hair manageable, hydrated and glossy.

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