infuse My. Colour

infuse My. Colour is a vegan solution shampoo for hair color that fades. Simply wash your hair with one of the five hues below and your color stay can be lengthened, if not enhanced. It is best to experiment with possible hues.


  • (1) Cobalt 
  • (1) Copper 
  • (1) Gold 
  • (1) Platinum 
  • (1) Ruby

Cobalt downplays warmth and maintains depth for dark blonde, light, medium and dark brown hair. Apply to bleach blonde for bold, mint green notes.

Copper adds delicious warm tones and brightness of deep strawberry blonde, copper, auburn and warm brown. Good for black hair too. A peachy effect is what a bleached blonde will receive.

Gold focuses on brightness for pale, medium, dark blonde and all highlights. Also good for black hair. It also provides a glow which is suitable for any hue of a warm color.
infuse My. Colour
infuse My. Colour

Platinum neutralizes yellow and maintains the shine of gray, white, pale blonde and highlighted hair.

Ruby highlights brightness for red, red brown and burgundy. On bleached blonde tresses, one is left with noticeable pinks.

Ann - Black Hair: Cobalt:

Ann is Native American and has beautiful hair. We were so appreciative of her willingness to participate. Cobalt gave her brown highlights which is oddly aesthetic. Please, have a look at her before and after shots.
infuse My. Colour
infuse My. Colour

Belle - Gray Hair: Platinum:

Belle began the graying process in her late forties. She will soon be seventy-one and she is gray. It's beautiful and the results were very subtle. Some of her hair is darker and there is more of a lovely sheen.

Ginae - Brunette/Gray & Waiting for her Next Red Coloring: Copper:

infuse My. Colour
infuse My. Colour
Ginae is in between colorings and has staved this off for recent reviews. The very edges of her brunette and gray strands are a beautiful red. The copper covered up a lot of the gray and left a beautiful glow on those few red ends. She is eager to try the product after the next coloring.

Kat - Dark Brown: Gold:

infuse My. Colour
Kat is young and has the youthful edge. The Gold gave her reddish/brown highlights and she was well-pleased. Think about that...we made a teen-ager...happy...just sayin'...
infuse My. Colour

infuse My. Colour

Lee - Blonde with Red ends: Ruby:

Lee had the most dramatic coloring of all. She keeps her tresses red. However, she has recently put that off pending the completion of certain reviews. The Ruby gave her a light, dainty red which we all liked, including Lee!

Trends, by Creative Director, Denis Kovalyov:

At My. Haircare, we know that as the sun ever so slowly begins to disappear in the Autumn it doesn’t have to in your hair. Keep beautiful shimmering colour as if the sun continues to shine-as it can in your hair with Infuse My. Colour Wash!

• Copper Tones • Pearlescent Hair/Nude Hair • Brunette Contouring

Copper will be a hot trend for this Autumn.

Blondes can create a stunning color using Gold and Platinum. This creates a pearlescent sparkle with golden undertones.

For brunette's wishing for a color boost without lightening, Ruby adds subtle mahogany tones and Cobalt adds cool ash tones. Mix and match for a color update without the commitment.

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