Children's Table Lamp by OCOOPA

I seriously like this darling, little lamp. When I very first bent the hose a little bit, it made a creaking noise and I thought that I had broken it. But, I hadn't. I haven't heard that noise since then either.

Children's Table Lamp by OCOOPAIf the idea of a flower lamp is great enough, it also has a plug in on the base so that you may charge your phone. I can always use more places to plug my phone in. Real estate on a wall is becoming primo property in my space!

The lamp provides daylight illumination and it's pretty subtle because of that. However, since I am sensitive to light, that works beautifully for me!

The smaller flower head on the base provides a place to stick your phone to as it's charging. So, you gain more space. Adorable!

I know. The product is for children and I am waaaay past that threshold. I do not care. I like it.

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