Anti-Dust Face Mouth Mask

The mask is silly fun. It's also somewhat thick. However, there is room to breathe because of the spatial openings close to the nose and because of the porous nature of the fabric. It's washable too. Just drop it into the washer when it begins to stank. Others around you might wish for you to wash it more than that. They might and that's fine.
Anti-Dust Face Mouth Mask
The sides of the mask have elastic bands for which you need to tie, to be able to use. Then, place these over your ears. I was worried that the tied bands wouldn't hold, but, they did. Surely, there's a better way to make those more secure?

The funny factor is good though. I can't wait to ask the maintenance man at my apartments to try it on for me. I think that he will like it!

I needed one of these masks when I lived in Seminole, Texas. The sand storms could be quite unkind and a little painful, if not downright stinging.

But, if you have a job whereupon dust and fibers are constantly ending up in your nose, hair and eye holes, you would be wise to consider using something like this. There are two other styles, in the event that luscious lips and a probing tongue are simply not your style. They aren't that expensive either.

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Anti-Dust Face Mouth Mask
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