Women's Nail Grooming Kit

Whoa. This has to be the mother of all nail grooming kits. I had to really look at some of the tools online, just to figure out what everything is for.
Women's Nail Grooming Kit
This is what the kit contains;

1 Tweezers
1 Cuticle Clipper
1 Eyebrow Scissors 3 Nail Clippers (Small one, Big one, Beveled one)
1 Nail File
1 x Ear Pick
1 V shape Cuticle Pusher
1 U shape Cuticle Pusher
1 Pealing Knife
1 Pealing Fork

Women's Nail Grooming KitSeriously, I didn't know that beveled nail clippers were a thing that existed. The tools are sharp too. They aren't so sharp that you can trim the hedges with them. But, they are sharp enough to damage while in the hands of a toddler.

I couldn't make the cuticle trimmers work. I don't know if the extended cuticles have to the length of your longest eyelash, or if I just could never find a good angle. Or, maybe, they are not as sharp as everything else?

I like the design of the kit. However, I do think that a vinyl case would be a nice contrast against the nail/eyebrow and cuticle tools. But, if you like shiny and pretty, here you go.

Vital Link: Amazon
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