Statement Sockwear

We are in a state of somewhat-dislike when it comes to opening up boxes of product review items as there are normally 1-all-four reviewers present. We all love the socks too! We love the colors, the patterns and the sometimes-sock-craziness of certain designs.

Well, this is just what happened with Statement Sockwear. Everyone was present and they were all fighting over their preferred patterns. Sighing.

Respectfully, we asked our gentle reviewers to, "Zip it," while we, in the same breath, asked them to look over the socks and asked what they thought about the quality.


(4) Pairs of Socks - Four Different Polka Dotted Colors

We all agreed. The construction was/is impeccable. There wasn't a single loose thread or strand of, "What's this?" Not one.

About Statement Sockwear:

Statement Sockwear is in cahoots with 20 Liters ( a non-profit organization who provide sustainable water filtration resources in Africa) to provide clean water for African resident's. That's right. For every pair of socks sold, this organization receives financial support from Statement Sockwear. We like that.

Vital Links: 20 Liters BoldSocks Facebook YouTube
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