SinfulColors: Free & Fierce Collection

If there's one thing that SinfulColors does and does well, it's putting out holiday-specific color collections. This one is one of our favorite holidays and that's July the Fourth. We liked the collection even better after we used it.

  •  (1) Clear Coat (1064)
  •  (1) Deep End (2199) 
  • (1) Endless Blue (1052)
  •  (1) Flame Game (RU 129) 
  • (1) Gogo Girl Red (852) 
  • (1) Snow Me White (101) 
  • (1) Starry Eyed (RU207) 

    Clear Coat (1064) is perfect for an under or top coat.

    Deep End (2199) is a slightly purple and opalescent hue. This is an an unusual light paint.

    Endless Blue (1052). Perfect in a red, white and blue motif or a stand-alone. We really like this shade.

    Flame Game (RU 129) is a very light, opalescent which needs light reflection to truly enjoy its essence. This one is our favorite!

    Gogo Girl Red (852). Agh! We love most fire engine shades of red. Beautiful!

    Snow Me White (101) requires two coats. However, this is a completely new hue for us. We expected a Liquid Paper color. But, that simply isn't so.

    Starry Eyed (RU207) is a wonderful mix of shiny speckles and slightly bigger than not stars! It's the ultimate Independence Day mix of sparkle and joy.


    SinfulColors retails for $1.99, are made in the U.S.A., 5 Free and available at certain U.S. and Canadian retail stores. This includes Albertons, Bartell Drugs, Bed, Bath & Beyond, Fred Meyer, Hannaford, Harmon Face Values, Harris Teeter, Hi-School Pharmacy, KMart, Meijer, Pricemart, Safeway, Save Mart, Tops, Wakefern, Walgreens, Walmart, Wegmens, Weis and others.

    SinfulColors: Free & Fierce Collection

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