Ozeri Wine Accessory Set

Boom! Right off the bat, I dropped this like, three times. Since I do that on occasion, it is good to own products which can take it without splintering into a few thousand, bare-cat-paw finding pieces.

Ozeri Wine Accessory SetDurable!

The case looks like a black wine bottle and closes via a strong magnet. The 5-pieces within are easy to extract and then, to put back into place. The stainless steel is quite attractive.

I've been playing with each of the pieces and they are all work sufficiently. This is great for keeping all of the pieces in one outfit, rather than running through every junk drawer in the kitchen to find the opener, etc. They are all right there in the black wine bottle.

About Ozeri:

Ozeri Corporation, an emerging consumer brand in the specialty housewares market serving Europe, Asia, and the United States, offers a variety of highly acclaimed household items. The company made its debut supplying five-star vacation destination resorts, with luxurious amenities to fill all kitchen, bathroom, entertainment, and personal needs.

The products increasingly have entered the consumer market, where word of mouth and a loyal customer base allow Ozeri to circumvent traditional marketing expenses and offer uncommonly low prices. Ozeri’s durable, innovatively constructed products for entertainment, fitness, food preparation, and home accessories combine utility with sleek design, inspiring long-term customer satisfaction.

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