Fabrizia Spirits: T.G.I.F. June 16

Phil Mastroianni is a second generation Italian American who never thought much of his heritage. He knew a few Italian words, enjoyed some of the culinary delights and knew the importance of family. But, that was the sum of it.

Fabrizia Spirits: T.G.I.F. June 16Until that trip in 2003, at the tender age of 20 when he and his great-aunt did "the old country." This week-long endeavor changed what he knew about being a member of the Italian family, it changed a lot about him and what he knew to be true.

The real kicker occurred when Mastroianni's Zia Rosina (Aunt Rose) shared a bottle of Limoncello that she had created with lemons from her own property. He loved it, just like we did!

In fact, Mastroianni began making his own Limoncello upon returning home. The family loved it and the company slowly crept up from a series of weekends to what Fabrizia spirits is today.

    Fabrizia Spirits: T.G.I.F. June 16
  • (1) 750ml Blood Orange Liqueur SRP $11.99
  • (1) 750ml Crema di Limoncello SRP $11.99
  • (1) 750ml Italian Margarita SRP $11.99
  • (1) 1.75l Italian Margarita SRP $21.99
  •  (1) 750ml Limoncello Liqueur SRP $11.99 

Ginae Reviews is so impressed by and with Fabrizia. They are generous, cordial and kind to deal with. They also do just what they say they will do!

Then, we come to the part where our staff reviewers begin to fight.

We love these fights, as they happen so infrequently with such a passionate, vibrant, sweet-spirited group of women. If one gets particularly loud, it's because she's trying to be heard. If one grabs a particular product and pulls away, she feels really strongly about that.

Fabrizia Spirits: T.G.I.F. June 16All of us were there and everyone wanted the Crema di Limoncello. Well, that's just too bad because Lee wants it and she rarely gets in on the fights, to make a long story short. However, everyone got to sample it, just so they would knew what they would not be getting, excepting their personal sample.

Fabrizia Spirits: T.G.I.F. June 16Ginae kept the Limoncello and one of the Margarita bottles as she loved them both and would be sharing both with a couple of the others. Susanne was having a hard day and also loved the Margarita, so, she got that one. She also got the Blood Orange as she and Ann our are residential foodies. Still, she shared that.

It's a lot of fun and very rewarding.

We highly recommend Fabrizia Spirits. Their products are made with genuine Sicilian lemons and we swear, as lemon lovers, that this must make an incredible difference. Finally, we recognize Limoncello as an apéritif and we care not. We do what we want to do, when we wanna do it. It just so happens that the row took place, just before dinner. It was purely coincidental.

Thank you Phil Mastroianni and Fabrizia Spirits!

You will find your next bottle of Fabrizia from this location.

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