Automatic Pet Feeder by WOpet

One would have thought that an automatic pet feeding device would be a real challenge to figure out and one would have been wrong.

Automatic Pet Feeder by WOpetAs soon as you unbox this item, place the two feet on the underside of the unit. Then, pop the battery in. The reservoir for the battery is located at the head-end, on the bottom.

Open up the lid, place the cat or dog food into the bowl. Set the timer. Once the timer gets to the time that you have set for it, it pops open and your animals become quite happy and quite possibly eat themselves into a self-satisfied stupor.

This item is great for those who wish to leave the house for a weekend, but, keep the cat fed, or someone who wishes to put their pet on a certain feeding schedule.

Oh, and that ticking timer? Super quiet. I had to put the feeder real close to my ear to even hear the ticking. That's important to me, since one of my cats is super skittish.

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