The Bug Bite Thing

The Bug Bite Thing is one of the most useless products that we have been sent thus far. The concept behind this item is that you line up the obnoxious bite with the end of The Thing and use the barrel as a plunger. Just suck that bite/sting right out of your skin.

The Bug Bite ThingIf you were dealing with a bee sting, this might be a really cool item. Logically, it would seem that this would be good for that. But, it's got some work to do, as an item.

The end of the product fell off after a few moments of testing. It rolled under the desk and was never seen from again. It's not loss, since our bites were not of the bee-variety.

You may purchase The Thing from their website, as listed below, Amazon, Field & Stream, HomeDepot and Walmart.

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