Maxx Gel Teeth Whitening Pen

Since we received two pens, we gave one to Suzanne and the other to one of the other reviewers. She has thin, sensitive teeth that she says are not pretty. This is only aggravated by coffees, teas and who knows what else.


(2) Tubes of Maxx Gel Teeth Whitening Pen

The tube is very easy to use. Simply twist the pen clockwise and the gel appears on the brush. Then, apply the gel onto your teeth. The gel is describe as refreshing with a minty flavor. What is amazing is that rinsing isn't necessary as with other brands that we've tried.

The only requirement for post-application is that the user must take 10-30 minutes before eating, drinking or licking mud.

No weird teeth guards or strips!

Both of our reviewers stated that the ease of use, combined with the fact that their teeth are getting whiter make for an excellent product. Suzanne added that she has even applied the gel while sitting in her car. Bonus! Quick as putting on lipstick!

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