Craft Beer Menu Monday: Atwater Brewery

The Atwater Brewery is a Detroit, Michigan joint. They also have extension in Grosse Point Park and Grand Rapids. They've been doing business since 1997 in the historic Rivertown district. The original owner strove to resurrect the Bohemian style lager as was made famous by Stroh's Brewing Company, circa 1800.

Craft Beer Menu Monday: Atwater BreweryCraft Beer Menu Monday: Atwater BreweryStill true to their German style lagers, Atwater recently went international with a partnership in Munich, Germany. They continue to grow like hoppy weeds. Have you seen what they have to offer? Oh, my!


(2) 12 Fl Oz Better Life Choices IPA
(2) 12 Fl Oz Whango

Better Life Choices IPA

The Better Life Choices IPA is a lovely burned orange. It smells of hops. It's very feint. The taste is bitter.

Whango (Mango Wheat Ale)

The Whango is a salute to a tropical paradise. It is yellow in hue and smells of olives! It's a gentle and pleasant aroma. This brew tastes of hops with an olive taste, mid-palate. It is well balanced, as well as clean and crisp to taste. It is available in bottles from March the first to July 31st.

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