Be My Teacher (2011)

Recently, Amazon added this movie for the free enjoyment of Prime members, which, we are. The first thing that struck us was the poor film quality. We were slow to realize that the film is six-years-old. Still, this was a B-movie at its almost state of being tolerable.

The acting was awful. The timing, pace and tempo were bad. The lines were cheesy.

In fact, there's a poorly acted fight scene between two high-school guys and one tells the other, "...I loathe you..." Ugh. Amazingly enough, we kept watching it.

We watched it to the end. We're not sure why. Which, reminds us.

You are showered with awful music until midway of this cinematic fiasco. Some of it sounds like porno movie music. Ack!

Stay home. Scratch the cat tenderly underneath the chin. Wash clean clothes. Do laundry for yard squirrels. But, don't sit through this movie unless you're ready to pick it apart.

Directed by: Lakisha R. Lemons
Produced by: Lakisha R. Lemons
Written by: Lakisha R. Lemons
Starring: John Devereaux, Derek Lee Nixon, LaTeace Towns-Cuellar
Genre: Drama, Romance
Rated: NR
Release date: (US)
Taglines: I'm the teacher, and you're my student
Time: 1.5 Hours

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