Aroma Foundry

The Aroma Foundry is an environmentally conscious company in Santa Barbara, Cali. Their products are 100% pure and natural and bottled in the U.S.A in small batches, to maintain quality standards. Their primary agenda is to create all natural products, in fact. They were wonderful to deal with.

Aroma Foundry


    Aroma Foundry
  •  (1) .5 Fl Oz/15ml Bergamot SRP $11.48 
  • (1) .5 Fl Oz/15ml Cedarwood SRP $9.98
  •  (1) .5 Fl Oz/15ml Lavender SRP $9.98
  •  (1) .5 Fl Oz/15ml Lemongrass SRP $9.98

Each essence is accompanied by a small Aroma Foundry sticker, a booklet about the company and a warning to keep the product out of the reach of children, your eyeballs and sensitive skin.

Aroma FoundryWe were asked to select four of our favorite aromas. This was tough, as there is an excellent array of products to choose from. However, we went with our heart and selected the following essences;


This is a wonderful and invigorating citrus oil. It fills the air with its calming characteristic. Divine.

Aroma FoundryCedarwood

Agh, our new dream house. No, you don't smell the granite counter tops or the cathedral ceiling. No. What you do smell is all outdoors with the birds singing, chatting and just being happy.


The lavender is unique for this odoriferous joy. It also has a clean, outdoorsy scent. It's still lavender. As such it is calming and pleasant. Lovely, even.
Aroma Foundry

Having this brand of lemongrass in your burning diffuser is like having a whole bouquet of flowers up in there. We have yet to experience this, even with the awesome oils that we have reviewed before.

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