Sticky Quotes

These are so cool! They are well-printed. There are no sloppy print jobs. No streaks. Each pad has a back page so that you are not trying to get the pad released from your fingers every time that you pick it up. They are colorful and the messages are just awesome.

Sticky Quotes Received:

(6) Sticky Notes Pads:
Bible Scripture
Love Letters
Lunch Box Notes
Words of Wisdom
Also, there are three blank lines at the bottom of each sticky for your own written message.

When we discussed the pads with the proprietor, he looked at some of our personal history and selected our topics from that. Thoughtful. We appreciate him and we appreciate this product. We recommend them.

Sticky QuotesYou may purchase a single pad for $6.99 from the company website, as listed below. Or, you may purchase three pads for $16.95 from Amazon. Also, listed below.

Ginae Reviews is all about positive, growth and personal evolution. These Sticky Quotes offer up a way to love on others. Just, pass them a note. You may also buy these in bulk.

What a great idea for fundraising.

Sticky Quotes is up for your fresh ideas too.

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