Gallery: The Many Faces of Life in Pakistan. TED Talks

Danial Shah is a TED Talks speaker and in the video, "Gallery..." he provides a different view of Pakistan. When you think about it, the sum of images normally seen from this country are rarely celebratory. In fact, they are usually pretty depressing.

Shah opts for a different view. His images provide happy subjects. Or, perhaps, his subjects are just working. They are different though.

Gallery: The Many Face of Life in Pakistan. TED TalksAs a speaker, he has a thick tongue. Still, he is easily understandable. But, watching this video is like taking a gallery tour with a chatty docent and while this can provide an enjoyable experience for some. Some want more.

We want more. Even the accompanying blog article provides more of what we are wanting. Granted, we are not sitting in an exquisitely expensive architect-turned furniture designer masterpiece, sipping a Mimosa while overlooking a large body of water, it still provides a more comfortable setting for experiencing Shah's work.

However, the images which accompany the article are not the best of images. They slightly lack contrast and the best focus. But, when you view his other images, they do not appear this way. Perhaps, these images came from the video?

About the Speaker:

Danial Shah is a Karachi based independent documentary photographer and writer. He has attended a summer documentary film course at University of California and is a fellow of Swedish Institute’s Young Connectors of the future 2015 program. He also teaches photography as a visiting faculty at University of Karachi. Danial works on human centric stories that promote diversity and rights of individuals. His recent multimedia work is on families separated between the borders of India and Pakistan who are not able to meet due to strict movement restriction on Line of Control. His work has been published in The New York Times, Dawn (Pakistan), The Herald, Himal SouthAsian and Express Tribune.

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