Evistr USB Flash Drive Voice Recorder Mini Small 8G

This is a sweet looking flash drive and voice recorder with 150-hours of audio capacity. The title states that it comes with a lanyard. However, we did not receive a lanyard. It does have a small opening towards the end, where one may attach a lanyard.

The drive is well-packaged. It arrives in a steel-looking case with a foam insert. It also has teeny tiny instructions. Thank goodness the Amazon link includes instructions. Just press the button. The only indicator that the button has been pressed is that the light comes on.

Evistr USB Flash Drive Voice Recorder Mini Small 8G
Hence, if you wish to record something in a discreet manner, you could probably have this hanging around your neck or in a shirt pocket. If another does happen to notice the light, perhaps, they will not think much about it?

The price is pretty good for a drive this size too!

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