13 Reasons Why. Netflix

The topic of this Netflix original, as adapted from a novel of the same name, is teen suicide. For that, we laud the efforts of all involved. However...

Ugh. This series is chock full of horrible characters. Surprisingly enough though, most of the teen parents that we meet are darling people who seem mentally healthy and genuinely love their offspring. Weird.
13 Reasons Why. Netflix
It's Twin Peaks without the awesome.

We binge-watched this, thirteen-episode first season as we normally enjoy teen flicks. However, the mystery was stretched out juuuuust enough to keep us mostly watching/listening and hooked. Why? We do not know.

The timeline is ungraspable. For instance, Dylan Minnette's character, Clay Jensen injures his forehead very early on. However, it never heals. Never.

We know, it's injured two or three more times, in exactly the same spot.

13 Reasons Why. NetflixBuuuuuuuuuuuut, Miles Heizer, who plays Alex with the horrible hair is beaten up pretty good and he does heal, although the remaining sores are in straight lines. Really?

Our final rub arrives via several awful songs which, are peppered generously throughout. Ack! Listen to the lyrics. You may not get them. We didn't.

Produced by: Netflix, Selena Gomez
Written by: Brian Yorkey
Starring: Katherine Langford, Christian Navarro, Michael Sadler
Genre: Drama, Mystery
Rated: TV-MA
Release date: March 31, 2017 (US)
Taglines: If you're listening, you're too late
Time: 1 Hour

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