Xenna Corp

Is a female-owned company. They do not test their products on animals and they make them, right here. Here in the U.S. of A.

Xenna Corp
(2) Callex Enzyme Enriched Ointment, 1.75 Oz, SRP $14.99

Callex Enzyme Enriched Ointment

When we pondered this product, as to which reviewer should work this one, we wondered why we didn't need it. Then, we remembered what our heels looked like when we were a gallery guard. This job detailed an 8-hour day while standing. For museum openings and parties, you were standing for a much longer period of time.

However, now that we are retired, we don't have that problem. But, the other reviewers do. Two of them have somewhat demanding careers and the other has a very active lifestyle. They all clamored to review this one.

We have used other lotions for dry/cracked heels, but, this ointment is different. It works. We have tried exfoliated and lotion and while it does make them feel less painful, they were still dry and slightly cracked. With Callex we have been using it twice a day for several days and this morning they were smooth and soft like a babies behind. It is awesome. All that we did was wash our feet, applied ointment and donned a pair of socks (to avoid getting the ointment on the floor). This soaked right and created unbelievable smoothness. Relieving!

Mission Statement:

Xenna’s mission is to provide unique, personal care products that satisfy unmet needs with naturally-oriented solutions.

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