Platinum Shears: Fort Worth, Texas

On the norm, we do not review the services of local businesses. (Think South Park episode from October, 2015.) Still, we are not necessarily opposed to the idea. We have simply never done it before.

However, we are a stern believer in positivity and letting others know when another is doing a good job. It's just a good thing to do. Hence, we'll start with the fact that we are extremely picky about most things, our hair included. We don't want to be. We just are.

It was a cold day, about a year ago. Mother was going on and on about her recent haircut. She doesn't usually do that. It's not that everyone before Judy at Platinum Shears was just awful. It's just that they were not able to appease our kindhearted mother. Hence, we were listening. Really listening.

For us, we look closely at the one who is to cut our hair. He/She doesn't have to have perfect makeup and his/her attire doesn't have to be immaculate as long as it's not glaringly obvious that the dumpster lid was down when he/she got dressed that day and he/she didn't realize what he/she looked like when they left their abode. For the most part, our requirements have not led us astray. Did we mention that his/her hair needs to be really pretty? Not flawless. But, well done. Neat. Yeah. That's important too.

We digress.

Mother continued to be happy with the hairstylings of Judy. So, we tried her. Wow! Her communication is excellent, she doesn't indulge you with the last 88 happenings of her cats, grandchildren or co-workers. She asks. She listens. She cuts hair. Well! Yesterday, we tried her again and again, we were so pleased. We paid $25.00 for a wash, cut and styling. Mother paid $8.95 for her cut. This might have been a senior citizen special. We do not know.

If you're looking for someone to cut you hair, you owe it to yourself to phone the aforementioned business. We cannot validate the other hairdressers at this establishment. They're friendly. We've just never used them.

Platinum Shears
9090 Camp Bowie W Blvd, Fort Worth, TX 76116
Phone: (817) 244-5271

Vital Link: Facebook

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