Fleur's Passionflower Moisturizing Body Milk

The founder of Fleur's (literal meaning is "Flowers") is a woman who enjoys painting. Brigitte G├ędouin enjoys painting flowers and when she pursued a career in the cosmetics industry, she began to ponder their benefits therein. In 1998, she brought those concepts to life in a laboratory.


(1) Fleur's Moisturizing Body Milk (Passionflower) 250ml, SRP $46.00
Fleur's CC Creme: Perfect Skin Solution

Moisturizing Body Milk

O-M-G(oodness)! The smell of this product is incredible. In fact, we are trying to keep our nose away from the applied product. It's just too good! The only item that we detect is Gardenia. The milk also contains White Lily and Orange Blossom. It's seriously divine.

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About Fleur's:

The ambition of Fleur's is to enable woman to become the artist of her beauty...the artist of her own happiness. Flowers have natural powers that stimulate the senses and in turn encourage internal and external health. They have unique qualities with radiant, delicate colors and subtle evocative scents. Fleur's products are authentic, natural and target skin's essential needs. Our research team uses the most advanced technology to preserve the integrity of extracted key ingredients. These precious nectars are at the heart of each Fleur's product.

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