5 Tips to Become a Better Instagram Photographer

Today, with its 500 million monthly active users, Instagram has become the second most popular social networking site behind Facebook. Its photography centered concept has definitely paid off in establishing its hold in the social media industry. With its loyal users enjoying high-quality photo uploading and other compatible features, it is definitely a very attractive media platform to practice and promote photography.

If you want to practice, improve and promote your photography skills, then Instagram is the perfect platform for you to showcase your photography and share stories of others. With millions of users for an audience and critics of your work, you will definitely be able to improve and hopefully reach the pinnacle of your photography skills.

In order to become a better Instagram photographer who will be able to attract a lot of attention and love from Instagram, below are 5 important tips that you should definitely consider in order to improve your skills.
5 Tips to Become a Better Instagram Photographer

Instagram photo by Pete Souza

1. Consistency is very Important

In order to establish your foundation as a photographer, you will firstly need to find your niche, your natural field or genre for your photography. Post photos of the same genre and develop your own brand to your followers. By doing so, your followers will be able to know and easily identify your posts which will hopefully, result in comments and suggestions that will help you improve.

In finding your niche, do not be afraid to try new things or explore bizarre and unique combinations. After all, success will come from a lot of failures and trials. Always innovate and improvise your ideas.

2. Use a Great Camera

An expensive and high-tech camera is not needed in order to practice photography. All you need is a decent camera that will allow you to find the right angles, control the lighting and other useful features.

If you are using a smartphone, never use the default camera of the Instagram application. Instead, make use of your smartphone camera and its applications to capture and edit the photos you post onto your account.

3. Editing is Key

Enhancing your photos to add more depth is also very crucial in becoming a better Instagram photographer. Editing your photos also helps you add your certain swag or style that you want to represent. There are a lot of different applications and sites that will allow you to edit and enhance your photos, use them and make sure that you have improved the photo to its maximum potential before posting it to your account.

5 Tips to Become a Better Instagram Photographer
Instagram photo by Tony Hawk 

4. Stay in Touch with Your Followers

Always remember that your followers are your main critics and audience. Always interact with them and exchange comments. Ask them what they like about your picture or what they don’t like about it. Ask them for suggestions for future projects. Always stay in touch and be connected with your audience as it is also a very important aspect in photography – connection.

5. Explore Other Possibilities
After some time, photographers can sometimes be in a slump. They feel like they are stuck somewhere and can’t move forward. While consistency is very important, it is also just as crucial to explore new horizons from time to time in order to move forward. It's like an infinite loop, a paradox. You experience new things in order to improve what you have mastered.

And finally, as a bonus tip, always remember to have fun while doing these things. When you are having fun with what you are doing, you tend to perform better and even exceed your capabilities and expectations.

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