The Lose Your Belly Diet. Travis Stork, M.D.

On the norm, we do not care for the mere concept of a diet.  Why?  Well, regimes and schedules are normally dismissed as minutia.  Ye-ah, that's how we are.

However, we were watching the Dr. Phil show when Doctor Stork was pitching this book.  We like Dr. Phil and we like Dr. Stork. Hence, we ordered the book and are really amazed by the sort-of simplicity of it.

Firstly, Dr. Stork dumbed down a lot of the medical vernacular without insulting the reader.  His positive attitude is just one of the reasons why we see him as an excellent role model, writer and physician.  What a guy!

What we like is that you needn't have .4 ounces of this item, 1/2 slice of toast with one small pat of jelly, etc., etc.  Simply make your own notes of what is required on a daily basis and there you go.


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