The Ipad Pro Under The Microscope

Ipads have made lives easier and far more interesting since their release in 2010. It’s been almost seven years. But the Ipad pro turns the tableting world on its head with a super concept and brilliant styling that rivals a computer’s power output and specs. But with the huge amount of different tablets out there, what makes the Ipad pro alluring and good enough worth shelling out the extra cash for?

Tablets are increasingly complicated machines, but for those who can do without the technical jargon, the Ipad pro is essentially the best Ipad you can get. It has power similar to a computer and the screen is essentially the same size as a laptop screen. A machine like this can complete computing and app tasks easily and doubles as an entertainment device whilst also being suitable for your work based applications.

The Ipad Pro Under The Microscope

You may think the Ipad Pro is unwieldy, and it is quite large in terms of surface area, but it is actually thinner than an Iphone 7. It is made out of aluminum and it feels solid and complete, not like it’s going to break easily, which is great if you have kids who are going to be using it.

The color is great too, which means watching movies is great because of how big the screen is. You could use it in your room on a stand or take it wherever you want. If you paired it with the right movie app such as ShowBox you could really make it a great entertainment tool, you can visit Download mirror #1 to get the app today. The watching of movies becomes even more pertinent to this machine when you consider the supreme sound quality on offer too. There are two high fidelity speakers in each corner of the Ipad, so whichever way you’re holding it you can be sure you get the best sound quality available. Because of this you can also play music out loud, though it won’t beat some of the better music systems out there today. It isn’t intrinsically design as a music device, so if this is your primary purchase reason then you should probably go somewhere else.

The camera is brilliant, and will allow you to capture those awesome family moments in the greatest of detail. It can capture video in 4K detail too, so birthdays and graduations can be captured in true posterity. If you’ll be using the pro for facetiming the front facing camera more than does the job. It’s quality is great, and if you’re a selfie lover then this is for you. You can get better photos from professional cameras, so if you just want something to take great photos then that would be your better option.

The speed and processing power of the Ipad pro really suits all kinds of work, and even comes with a keyboard that makes writing a cinch. If you’re a writer, a conventional laptop will be better because the keys are more touch responsive, but for everyday tasks it’s fine. It comes with a pen, with which designers and artists can create on a myriad of apps from the app store. You’ll want to keep it protected too.

In terms of multimedia the Ipad Pro is great and will keep the family entertained, but if you’re buying it for a specific reason such as music or for photography you’ll be better off buying equipment that is dedicated to that particular niche.


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