Teavana for Hot Tea Month

Teavana (a heaven of tea) began as a way to share tea with buyers who could enjoy the aromas and the ambiance of a tea bar, which was also part tea emporium. Furthermore, fresh, high-quality tea along with an orated history and a variety of available teas available was also critical. And this was just the beginning!
Teavana for Hot Tea Month
After a period of deep thought and research, Teavana secured only the finest and most unique of teas. Then, they opened their first tea emporium in Atlanta, Georgia. Since that time, Teavana has opened over 300 locations throughout the U.S., Canada and Mexico.

Teavana for Hot Tea Month
Teavana lives by this goal:

To provide fresh, high quality teas and the products to serve them. And to create a unique tea experience in each store by encouraging a positive, healthy outlook for all who enter.


 (1) Perfectea Maker ($19.95)
(1) Winterberry Green Tea ($19.96)
(1) Tin ($3.95)
(1) Tin of Rock Sugar ($8.50)
(1) Teavana Perfect Tea Spoon ($3.95)
(1) Macaron Tea Tin ($8.95)

Teavana was kind and generous with your favorite National Product Reviewer. Their products are outstanding. There was not a single received item that we were not in awe of! The packaging is elegant and the contents are something that we have never come close to. Ever. We are grateful for them and heartily recommend that you celebrate National Hot Tea Month in your own way. However, if Teavana could be involved, it would be even better, rest assured!

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