Tea for Eve: Hot Tea Month

Tea for Eve is a woman-owned and operated business whose simplistic business concepts are what initially attracted us to this company. We were honored when they chose us to write about them. Perfect for Hot Tea Month!


(1) 1.9 Oz Tin of Chia for Chicks $11.95
(1) (Sample) Immune Support Tea: Mushroom Medley
(1) (Sample) Sweetness in Seattle

Chia for Chicks

This is a delightful medley of black Ceylon tea, black pepper, cardamom seed, cinnamon, cloves, ginger, green cardamom, Hawaiian coconut, honey, nutmeg and star anise. Joy to the nose and love on the palate. Just looking into the can, we are calmed just looking at the arrangement of ingredients. Random. Beautiful.

Tea for Eve: Hot Tea MonthEve's teas may be purchased from the website below. This is the first tea company that we have come across which is by and for women. Every product is so well-thought-out.

About Tea for Eve:

We deliver high quality teas that not only taste great, but some have therapeutic properties. Our focus is on a woman’s life cycle and health issues: wedding, honeymoon, pregnancy, lactation, menopause, breast cancer, etc. We take our product to the next level through organic and kosher certifications as well as making our teas in the USA. Through these measures we are building a brand in the tea industry that earns trust and devotion from our customers.

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