Ozeri 12" Green Earth Frying Pan


(1) 12" Frying Pan (100% PTFE, PFOA and APEO Free)

We have used other Ozeri pans and have always been pleased. This one is no different. It's all in the unique details.

Instead of a smooth cooking surface, this one offers an elevated texture which creates pockets. This ensures the distribution of even heat. This textured pattern is also responsible for the prevention of food bonding which helps for non-stick cooking and an easy clean-up.

Ozeri 12" Green Earth Frying PanThis non-stick texturing is due to a substance which is Greblon. Greblon is a ceramic coating. It's from Germany.

The pan makes for an awesome addition for your pots and pans need.

Food cooks evenly

It doesn't stick.

It's easy to clean.

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