Islamophobia and Racism in America. Erik Love

Love begins this piece by describing the over-simplistic logic which allows some to commit the most heinous crimes against Arab Americans. It leads us to wonder how many times the following sentence starters have been overheard, "That towel-head at the convenience store..." Sighing. It's hateful.

Ginae B. McDonald: Experiment
It is reminiscent of a personal photography experiment in which we donned a hijab and captured our image in low level light. No one liked them because we looked Islamic. These were not prejudice people either. Now, we do not care to view the roots of prejudice as it forks so much and becomes overwhelming.

Within the same chapter, Love looks at verbiage and vernacular stating that we the people do not have an accurate name for those who would and will be the recipient of so much hate.

Islamophobia and Racism in America. Erik Love How many acts of Ms. Rosa Parks will it take before the U.S. realizes the harm that is being perpetrated?

Granted, those who reside in these Middle Eastern countries have been slow to racially integrate with Caucasians. Perhaps, this is the reason why we have been too slow to adapt our thinking processes in a healthier manner? Are we really simple? Yes. Yes we are.

And, we are not.

From one who has been educated as a counselor and therapist, prejudice involves so much. It's hate. It's fear. It's pride. It's ingrained.

As individual's, we must work outside of our comfort zones to learn to treat others as ourselves. Why? Who will otherwise suffer and for how long?

Islamophobia and Racism in America is an excellent and timely piece. It places itself as a positive history marker. We need more.

Pages: 272
Publish Date: May 23, 2017
Publisher: NYU Press
ISBN: 9781479838073

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