Blum Naturals

Blum (pronounced bloom) Naturals produces a natural line of skin care products, which were created to provide the user with natural, organic cleansers to keep the skin clean and smooth.  These products have been developed by Jean Pierre Cosmetics and were purposely meant to be effective, yet gentle for all skin types.  The Blum Natural daily motto is;

Cleanse. Balance. Restore.

Daily Exfoliating Towelettes 

Every time we use a new (different for us) facial cleanser or exfoliant, we wonder how we will be able to tell if it worked or not.  Will the product have an aroma?  Will it be dirty after we use it?  For these exfoliating towelettes, all of this was different as they have embedded orange beads on them.  We had to be extra gentle with the cleansing process, in fact.  We felt good about this though.  We felt that we had proof that the products works.  Our skin felt different too.  It was akin to a Sea Breeze washin', excepting the burning, red eye sensations.  It wasn't that stringent.  It was just cleansing.
This is a package of 30 thick towelettes and retails for $7.49. 

Daily Facial Cleanser, Lavender  

Blum NaturalsSmells good.  Works well and the lavender is the good kind.  Some lavender just doesn't smell good.  But, this lavender is good.  This is an excellent cleanser for the money.  This is a 5.07 fluid ounce bottle and retails for $9.99.   

Daily Normal Skin Towelettes- Individually Wrapped   

The towelettes work just fine.  They remove makeup without residual facial debris.  This is a package of 10 (individually wrapped) towelettes.  It retails for $3.99. 

Exfoliating Cleanser with Apricot Seeds  

This we especially liked because it isn't harsh like some exfoliating products are.  It glided on with a lovely apricot aroma and cleaned well.  Our skin felt so soft after using it.  This is a 5.07 fluid ounce bottle and retails for $9.99. 

Blum Naturals are priced well, packaged well and can be purchased at several online and brick-n-mortar retail stores.  Overall, their products are an excellent buy for the buck!   

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