Benadryl (Generic: Diphenhydramine)

As someone who has been ill for the past four days, we are perfect for this review. But, here's the deal. We do not know the name of our infliction. We know that it resembles the influenza in that we have fever, muscle aches, weakness, sinus and nasal issues galore and just feeling puny.

Benadryl (Generic: Diphenhydramine)So, here's the quandary. We can go to the doctor, wait for many hours, amongst other ill people and their errant sneezes, feeling poorly in public. Our capable doctor could miss the mark and diagnose some non-working, expensive meds for which our insurance does not cover. She really is a great doctor! She is also human.

Or, we can take a Benadryl pill and wait to see if our condition degrades to the point of miserable or, see if our maladies subside. Which, they have. This is where buying OTC's just makes sense, in some ways.

While we review this product, we have no intentions of dispelling medical information of a substantive nature. We haven't been to medical school, nor do we play a doctor on TV. Please, understand this.

However, there's more to Benadryl that some may not know. We have also used it when our regular sleeping pill (RX) fails us. Rather than take something for pain and sleep, we can simply add a Benadryl. Sweet.

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